Monday, July 12, 2004

I only write my blog when I stongly feel about something. Day before yesterday being the 10th of July was one of the best. Sailed thru customs,immigration etc like a breeze all because of my tiny mother sitting in the wheel chair, we got out so fast we even missed Abez and Aniraz, forgot all about exchanging digits,tho why they did'nt do it in the airplane is beyond me,but it does'nt end there,while getting out of the parking lot in Atlanta my brother gave me the news I had prayed for all these years, our beloved Baji got engaged Yaaayyyyyyyyyy!!I thank Allah SWT for making it possible for her to find a mate to her liking.May they live an enjoyable and happy life.Ameen! All of you Blogistanis are invited to her wedding on the 4th of Sept (my brother is going to kill me for that)
There is an excitement running in the entire family from Pakistan to the US,this long awaited news has everyone in fervour about the upcoming wedding.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Three more days to go,hundreds of things to do,twenty presents to buy,one person to do it.We returned last night from Jeff.For a change it was at an easy pace, the pace being drawn by me (since I was the colonel of the tank!)Stopped once to eat (O'Charleys) and then again in Atlanta (Twist) Bajis and Chai got to take you there it is next to the Phipps Plaza, diagonally opps the Lenox Mall.Arrived home around 11o'clock.
As usual Jeff was relaxing,not so during the picnic. There was total chaos as it started pouring,the men got into the garage, the ladies got into the family room,living room,dining room,kitchen ...what am I saying theY got into all the rooms and the kids got into everybodies feet. Marlene and Apa took around 40 kids for icecream to the Golden Twist,and they came back soaking but thrilled,guess who was in seventh heaven? Charlie the owner,no one was going to come eat icecream in that thunderstorm!!!
Anne and Marlene left around 8, Yasmeen and Nazia did'nt leave at all. They all played Taboo, went home in the thunderstorm and got their clothes for the night.All in all it was a fun weekend.It was good seeing L and Y too,every time L gets a doze of the rowdy B clan.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Good news for all who know my warrior children,my little one is getting award certificates tomorrow,two in fact,one for Pre-Algebra ( thanks to Chai who got him started) and one for Latin ( a subject that most of my children were forced to take by their abu!!one slipped out of control and took Spanish, she is still out of control,hee hee or so she likes to think!)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Well, today is the day I was born, normally I am happy but not so this time.The atrocities carried out in Iraq just numbs me.My friend sent me this site that makes my blood boil.I feel so sad today

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day and (early) Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Testing Testing!
Come on, then! Let's play!